Zebra Media

Zebra Media is a Norwegian advertising agency, with a focus on assisting businesses with online digital marketing. As brand guidelines become larger and more complex, keeping track of the clients’ assets has become more challenging and time consuming. A digital brand and marketing platform can assist advertising agencies such as Zebra Media, or businesses and customers, to ensure the brands are being maintained and all the content is stored digitally.

brandguide.io is now our digital home for our customers brand and assets
Zebra Media began looking into a new brand portal in 2021. They realized the need of collecting all customers’ brands and assets in one central location where customers would have their own assigned platform. By doing so, Zebra Media would reduce unnecessary time spent on storing customers assets on different software solutions, and still needing to answer regularly on questions connected to the customers brand, and to locate customers files and assets.

With brandguide.io, Zebra Media can publish a digital platform where the customers get to manage their brand, locate and upload media files, and share content with any audience.

Customers and suppliers can use brandguide.io’s uploader feature to upload files and assets to a central folder connected to the customers’ brand. By doing so, Zebra Media can ensure the customer’s brand and marketing platform always stays up to date.