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brandguide.io is a cloud-based brand management platform. Manage and distribute brand assets with ease, while simultaneously ensuring the quality of your brand deliveries. Get started in minutes.

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Give your partners and suppliers the correct files,
with clear usage instructions.

 It is not always easy to know which files your print shop or your ad agency needs. Most people do not know the difference between different color spaces and file types. Having your brand guide online and files easily accessible will make your work day easier, and your brand will be better taken care of.

Quick Setup

Create pages with text, images and upload assets for download in minutes.

Easy to use

Click, change content, update files. What you see is what you get. No complicated editors or CMS systems.

Simple Access

Share a link with your suppliers and let them pick the assets they need. No need for logins and managing users(unless you want to).

What About Your Brand?

brandguide.io offers a fast and easy way to store and publish everything related to your brand, be it your product images or your tone of voice.

Enjoy Higher Brand Consistency

When everyone has access to the correct assets, clear and updated instructions on how to use them, your brand will appear more professional.

Avoid Confusion

No more sending files back and forth and searching servers. Sharing your online brand guide with your suppliers lets the experts choose what they need.

No Time Wasted

Don’t let your printer press wait for you to locate the right logo in CMYK for your ad – simply share the link to your site on brandguide.io and your work is done.

Only share the latest version

With brandguide.io you only distribute the most up-to-date assets, and prevent the use of outdated material no longer in line with your brand.

Enjoyed by Brands and Agencies

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