How PDFs Hurt Your Brand Identity and Why They are Outdated

PDFs have been the standard for brand guidelines for quite some time now, but using them can be very tedious. PDF is a static file, which means it is mostly copied and shared between coworkers and agencies from email to email. When it is hard to ensure everyone has the updated brand guideline, brand consistency will become harder to ensure. 

So besides the tedious work of updating the PDF itself, ensuring that everyone is on board and informed about the new PDF file can also be a lot of work. Maybe employees missed the email informing everyone of the newly updated brand guidelines, or an agency got the wrong PDF forwarded from a client. Suddenly there are dozens of PDFs roaming around, with no clear indication as to when they were last updated! Finding the correct one becomes nearly impossible.

Making sure the brand guidelines are up to date is very important when it comes to brand consistency, and if the wrong guidelines are followed, the brand identity will suffer consequently.

Serious and Professional Organizations use Cloud-Based Systems

Having a cloud-based brand manual makes your organization appear more professional and up-to-date digitally. All the files and information is located in the same place, erasing the possibility that wrong, outdated brand guidelines are being followed. Distributing updated and correct brand guidelines also becomes easier and quicker when all that needs to be done is to share a link.

But why choose over any other brand management system?

The ROI of

One of the biggest features of is the possibility of managing multiple brands. An agency or bigger organization that needs to manage more than one brand will have the possibility to manage them all from one place. 

The advantage of managing client brands from is the ability to sell as a service, and in doing so, be able to earn back the initial investment and then some!

Let’s say your business pays 2000 dollars for a year’s subscription to, but provides the service to 10 clients, each paying 1000 dollars to your business for their brand management service. By a year, your return on investment will be 80%! With no limit to how many clients you can provide to, means that the ROI is also limitless!

Another aspect of better ROI with is that there will be no need to maintain the product itself, as that will be handled by the provider. That means fewer hours and salaries spent on maintaining the service or hosting expenses! The same can be said for customer service, as the client can use the uploader feature to provide the files for you, and all you’ll have to do is locate it in the brand manual in

In conclusion, PDFs can hurt your brand identity, by being tedious, complicated, and hard to keep up to date. It can create disorder in your folders and cause irregularities in your brand consistency. Upgrade to a digital platform, and appear professional and modern!