Effective Tone of Voice Examples from Global Brand Giants

In the world of branding, a unique tone of voice can make all the difference. It has the power to captivate audiences, establish a brand’s identity, and create a lasting impact. Let’s explore how three global giants – Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple – have perfected their own tone of voice and effectively communicated their brand messages to the world.


nike logo

Nike, the epitome of inspiration and motivation, has established itself as a leading sports brand through its powerful tone of voice. With the iconic tagline “Just Do It”, Nike encapsulates the spirit of determination and empowers individuals to push their limits. 

Through their bold and empowering messaging, Nike resonates deeply with their audience, instilling a sense of motivation and triumph. Their storytelling techniques are particularly effective, connecting on an emotional level and inspiring people to pursue their goals with unwavering dedication.

example of nike tone of voice. Customer story

Here we have an example, taken from Nike’s Instagram, of a motivational story about how an athlete came to terms with endometriosis – a chronic condition that can cause severe pelvic pain. She overcame her struggles and achieved her athletic goals in spite of all obstacles. Nike completes the post by encouraging their audience to share their success stories and fitness progress, creating engagement and strong customer relations. 

example of nike tone of voice. There's no pressure when you're built for this

Nike encourages you to take action and reach your goals. Their language is carefully crafted to give you inspiration and let go of the fear of failure, nudging you to “Just Do It”.


coca-cola logo

Coca-Cola, known as the essence of happiness and togetherness, has crafted a tone of voice that is joyful, nostalgic, and universally relatable. The brand’s campaigns focus on creating moments of shared happiness and celebrating life’s simple pleasures. 

Coca-Cola’s tone of voice evokes a sense of warmth, optimism, and unity. Through their effective storytelling, they remind us of the importance of cherishing the small moments and the joy that comes from connecting with others.

These posts, taken from Coca-Cola’s Instagram, display how they use their voice to promote love and togetherness. They speak to their audience with a relaxed and friendly tone, making their audience feel like they’re talking to a friend. They also refer to a Tony, who they’ve asked to make a series of posts, communicating that the posts are coming straight from a person, and not from a faceless corporation.


apple logo

Apple, renowned for its innovation and elegance, has established a sleek, minimalistic, and forward-thinking tone of voice. The brand’s messaging encourages individuals to challenge the status quo, think differently, and embrace innovation. Apple’s tone of voice exudes confidence, sophistication, and a sense of cutting-edge technology. Their ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple and compelling manner has captivated global audiences and positioned Apple as a leader in the tech industry.

Here we have a few screen grabs, from Apple’s website, of their minimalistic straightforward messages. With only a few words, Apple communicates what value the consumer will get from their products. This is a great example of how Apple communicates with confidence, as they do not need more than a few words to convince their consumers how great their products are.

example of apple tone of voice. Wonderfull.
apple example tone of voice. Love the power. Love the price.
Love the power. Love the price.
apple tone of voice example. Pro. Beyond.
Pro. Beyond.

By reading these messages, the consumer gets a sense of buying something exclusive, sophisticated, and innovative. Apple uses many powerful words to ignite interest from their buyers. This theme runs across all their digital channels, making sure the tone of voice is always consistent.

Connect with a Strong Tone of Voice

These global giants have demonstrated the power of a strong and consistent tone of voice in building brand identity and connecting with audiences. Their unique voices have become synonymous with their respective values, inspiring loyalty and admiration from consumers worldwide.

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In conclusion, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple serve as excellent examples of global brands that have mastered their tone of voice. Nike empowers individuals, Coca-Cola spreads happiness, and Apple inspires with innovation and elegance.

Each brand’s unique tone of voice has contributed to their success by effectively communicating their values and resonating with their target audiences. Furthermore, the importance of maintaining a consistent tone of voice across all channels cannot be understated, and platforms like brandguide.io offer brands the necessary tools to achieve this consistency.

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Embrace the lessons from these brand giants and discover the impact a strong tone of voice can have on your clients’ brand identities and communication strategies.


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