Why it is Time to Digitize Your Brand Guide

As the importance of a digital presence increases every year, the need to digitize your brand guide becomes more and more relevant. According to Statista, online advertising spending is estimated to reach overwhelmingly high funds in the future.

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“It was calculated that the digital advertising spending worldwide amounted to 521.02 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. The source projected that by 2026, the spending would reach 876 billion dollars.”


The increasing budgets spent on digital advertising clearly indicate why it is time to digitize your brand and optimize your online presence. 

digital brand guide across platforms
How do you wish to present your brand digitally?

Today, brand content is consumed on a multitude of different digital venues and devices by customers. To make sure your brand stays relevant and competitive, update to a digital brand guide with clear guidelines on how to appear on each digital channel.

Here are 5 Benefits of Upgrading to a Digital Brand Guide

Improve Your Online Presence

online presence

With the increasing usage of digital channels and technologies, it is essential to make sure your brand has an online presence on all relevant media. 

A digital brand guide helps set a clear set of rules on how the brand should perform and appear on different digital platforms and is easily distributed among internal and external marketing activities.

Stay Relevant and Competitive

get ahead of competition
Don’t get comfortable in your lane and let others pass you!

You don’t want to fall behind your competition. To make sure your brand stays relevant and competitive, it is essential to have a digital presence. 

Don’t let customers choose your competitors over you because of their more modernized solutions. Appear professional and up-to-date to your clients by being visible on digital platforms.

Most importantly; be where your target audience is!

Easy Accessibility

Having your digital brand guide in an easily accessible place makes it easier for everyone to stay up-to-date on the brand image. Changes are also easier to update when everything is kept in one place. 

easy digital accessibility

Having a live-brand manual which is the one and only source of information about everything brand-related, like guidelines, logo usage, and tone of voice, there is no room for misinterpretation and inconsistencies.

Increased Brand Consistency

With easy accessibility comes better brand consistency. With all the different digital places a brand needs to be present at, the increasing possibility of open interpretation tags along. Be clear about how you want your brand to be interpreted by the audience and set up guidelines for how you want your brand to achieve the image you’ve set up as your goal. 

brand goals
When everyone is aware of your brand guidelines, maintaining brand consistency becomes easier.

When everyone has brand guidelines at their fingertips, no one can be confused about what your brand is or what it stands for.

Effective Marketing Across Digital Channels Without Misinterpretation

How do you ensure brand consistency across all digital channels? Being present on so many different online platforms makes it harder to keep up and make sure the brand stays consistent and follows the guidelines. With an online brand guide, ensuring every channel is on point with brand image and personality will become less of a tedious task. 

different digital platforms
Digital platforms can be necessary to be able to reach your target audience

 How brandguide.io Works

brandguide.io is a digital brand guide where you can manage one to multiple brands from one place. It can also work as a DAM solution for easier access to all brand-related assets.

digital brand guide

brandguide.io is created with and for ad agencies, designers, and other creative businesses. However, single-brand companies can just as easily use it to increase their online presence and preserve their brand image.

With an easy setup and simple navigation, brandguide.io gives the user more time for creative activities and creating brand identities. Using brandguide.io as a live brand manual rids time-consuming work such as back-and-forth emailing by keeping everything organized and accessible from anywhere.

Take a look at how brandguide.io works by reading our previous post.


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