How Vorn Equipment achieved unified and coherent brand communication across their retailers worldwide

Vorn Equipment

Founded by a passionate hunter and product development student at NTNU, Eirik Andersen, Vorn Equipment emerged from the discovery of a product lacking in the hunting market. During his hunting expeditions, where he often traversed on skis, Eirik found it cumbersome to manage both skiing equipment and his hunting gear simultaneously. This inspired him to search for a hunting backpack that could seamlessly integrate with skiing activities.

Unable to find such a product on the market, he used his skills and knowledge as a product development student to invent and create it himself. Through relentless dedication, prototyping, and active participation in industry expos, Eirik introduced his patented hunting backpack, eventually shaping his own company!

Expanding Horizons

What began in Norway soon expanded across Scandinavia and later ventured into substantial markets in Europe, Canada, and parts of Asia, gaining widespread acclaim for its innovative products.

The Challenge

As Vorn Equipment flourished globally with around 450 retails scattered across multiple continents they encountered a significant challenge in managing their marketing materials. Ensuring that all their distributors had access to the most current and accurate marketing assets became increasingly complex and time-consuming. Some retailers even resorted to creating their own promotional materials for Vorn’s products, which risked diluting the brand’s identity.

Seeking a Solution

Their Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Midbøe, recognized the pressing need for one centralized location for all their brand material. He wished for a digital media bank, which could be easily distributed to all dealers and retailers. Frank Midbøe was made aware of by Last Friday’s Head of Sales, Jo Steffen Knudsen, who contacted him about trying to manage brand-related elements and marketing material.

The Solution – proved to be the perfect remedy for Vorn Equipment’s challenges. Acting as a streamlined media library, the platform facilitated easy access and sharing of marketing assets with their global network of retailers. It enabled Vorn Equipment to establish consistent brand communication in alignment with their brand identity.

Impact and Success

By integrating the platform as their media library, they efficiently directed their retailers to the marketing materials through a dedicated link placed in the footer of their website. This simple yet effective approach ensured faster and easier access for all stakeholders requiring their marketing resources, and in turn, keeping their brand identity consistent and clear.

The Result

Through their implementation of Last Friday’s, Vorn Equipment has not only mitigated the challenges associated with managing global marketing materials but has also reinforced their brand image, ensuring unified and coherent communication across diverse markets worldwide.

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