Optimize Brand Delivery with a Digital Brand Guide

What is brand delivery? Brand delivery is giving the consumers what they expect from your brand. Consumers can expect quality leather products if a brand promises to deliver quality leather products, not cheap plastic substitutes.

A brand that promises vegan, ecologically aware products, for example, but delivers products that contain non-vegan ingredients or ingredients that harm the environment, will break the promise given to the consumer. This can damage the brand’s reputation and people’s perception of the brand.

branding and brand guidelines
Keeping your  branding and brand guidelines organized can be a challenge

Brands need to be aware of who their target audience is, and keep a consistent message across all used platforms. Make sure to provide products and services the audience will expect from the brand, which are consistent with the brand personality.

How to Improve Brand Delivery

improve branding
Analyze how to improve brand delivery and achieve brand goals

Know what your brand identity is. A strong brand identity is more than colors, logos, and typography. What are the values, goals, or core message? What perception do you want to achieve from the target audience? 

These answers have to be clear and known throughout the whole company or business to ensure the brand is delivered as intended, and in turn, achieves desired business goals and outcomes.

brand identity
Build a strong band identity and personality

Make the brand identity known. Ensuring every employee, ad agency, and publisher knows the brand identity as a whole, will help avoid elements that will hurt your brand identity. Elements that can hurt your brand identity are confusing messaging. If a health and wellness brand suddenly begins selling heavily sugared products or encouraging unhealthy lifestyles, the consumer might become confused about the brand’s core values and the message they are trying to convey. 

Keep brand guidelines easily accessible. Make sure they are widely known and followed both in the digital world and the physical world. Having brand guidelines easily accessible to everyone ensures consistency throughout the company and the brand promise to the world. There should be no misunderstandings as to what the brand is or what its goals and values are.

accessible brand guidelines
Brand managing from brandguide.io

Listen to the audience. You might not know if your messaging is confusing before it’s too late. By keeping good customer relationships and listening to feedback, you will get the insight you need to make changes to your strategy to improve your brand delivery.

Keep a Clear Branding Strategy

Provide services and products that are consistent with your brand personality. Always keep in mind that the brand should deliver what the audience expects from them. Even when expanding to new markets, make sure the brand is still consistent with its personality, and that the new products and services are true to the brand.

brand strategy
Working out a solid brand strategy with set goals is important

Have a clear objective. What value and benefits will the brand provide to your consumers? What do you want to achieve?

Communicate clearly. Ensure the written communications and visual communications are clear and provide the audience with the information they need.

Know your target audience. It is hard to communicate clearly when you don’t know who your audience is. Knowing your audience means you know what they care about and want from your product or service.

Identify their pain- and pleasure points to help them see the value in your brand’s products or services. You also need to know where your audience is and communicate clearly to them on these channels.

target audience
Find your target audience and how to reach them

Know your competitors. How are your competitors achieving success? How do they keep customers coming back? How can you differentiate?

You can learn from your competitors by observing their strategies and how they obtain success. Figure out how you can differentiate from your competitors and offer more value from your products and services.

Ensure Brand Consistency with a Digital Brand Book

As stated earlier, an accessible brand guide will help the company understand the brand identity, personality, and mission statement. Create a set of rules on how each brand asset is to be used and what purpose they are to be used for. Ensure this is common knowledge throughout the company, and that everyone who requires the guidelines can easily access them.

digitalizing brand management with cloud-based brand book
Digitalize brand managing to improve consistency

With a digital brand book, it is easier to keep the guidelines up to date, and can be easily distributed across the company, ad agencies, or publishers. Keeping everything easily accessible and always up to date, gets rid of many hours of extra work like keeping track of files, sending files over emails to agencies or publishers, or distributing the brand assets within the company.

About brandguide.io

brandguide.io is intended to make brand guidelines easy to set up and distribute. Collect all brand assets in one location, set it up how you want it, and include clear instructions and guidelines—no need for prior knowledge of how to use CMS or other complicated systems. Just log in and begin to set up your guidelines.

If you work for an ad agency or publish for several brands, brandguide.io can be used to collect multiple brands in one place, making asset retrieval more straightforward and quicker.

We currently offer a 14-day free trial where you can try to create digital brand guidelines for yourself. Click the image below to begin!

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