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Here you’ll find the status of many of the requested features and improvements you have asked us about.


Color palette block

Create beautiful color palettes with a new block, use color codes to generate color graphics.

Planned release in Q4 2022

Design refactor

Look out for our new tasty design and enhanced user experience.

Planned release in Q4 2022

Font management with preview

Adds support for uploading fonts and generate previews, and lets users download fonts.

In review

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Web crawler toggle

With this toggle you can control if a brand will be indexable by search robots (web crawlers). Doing this significantly reduces the chance of showing up in search engines.

Implemented in Q4 2022

Password-only login

We are adding the ability to let visitors get access to a brand with only a password and without the need for a user.

Implemented in Q4 2022

Search and image tags

Making assets searchable in a brand-global search. Also adds tags to images to easily find image types.

Implemented in Q2 2021


Added blocks to the editor for more flexibility.

Implemented in Q2 2022

Uploader Feature

A new user-level (uploader), intended for third-party content developers. These users are only able to upload assets.

Implemented in Q3 2021

White label / Custom domain

Allows us to add a custom domain to your brandguide site.

Implemented in Q2 2021

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